Breathe consciously into your new – relaxed – and healthy life!

The body’s intelligence knows so much better then us how to release stress from our organism.
Simply let it do the the job – we can trust it.

About the Sonar Treatment

The Sonar Treatment frees our deep breathing. It releases the conditioned muscular shell, which keeps us in a flat breathing pattern and leaves us as suffering human beings. Through the sonar treatment, our organism can regain vital energy, which it needs to grow harmoniously.
Free yourself from stress, tensions and pain – begin again – to breathe from your heart.

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The Sonar Treatment with its combination of De-Shelling and the conscious deep breathing into all ten spaces of breath (i did not even know, there exist so many) changed my breathing patterns completely – with a short time and already after the first session:
Today – 6 weeks after my teacher training – i am automatically and completely conscious about my breathing spaces in my every day life:
I realize quickly if i start to breathe flatly or am closed down and stressed in one of my breathing spaces. This enables me to react immediately, to de-tense the stressed part of my body and to open up for my deep breathing again. Simultaniously, i now gain the ability to use other (and for me very new) breathing spaces. It offers me a much deeper and newly experienced potential of breath, which enables me to breathe deeply and relaxed.
I am forever grateful and amazed to have gained so much more space and freedom within my body in such a short time – it’s a new way of life!
Bernhard Hefti

What is it about?reflex

The organic breathing reflex is a body reaction, which for newborns still functions intuitively. As the newborn experiences pain or unpleasant feelings, it is still able to reflexively breathe deeply and to supply the painful area with vital energy. This reflex is coordinated by our body’s wisdom – just as our heart beat. We all might have admired toddlers who fell, breathed in deeply, cried from the heart and then continued to play as if nothing had happened.

The Sonar Treatment reactivates this natural reflex and releases old patterns from the muscular structure.




About the Founder // Developer


„I have had a key experience with my own natural breathing reflex where i could release very old body tensions – within seconds, with full success and with an absolute sense of self-responsibility. That was the beginning of a form of treatment with a completely new point of view.“

Stefan Becker Developers of sonar treatment

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