Stefan Becker

Developer and Founder of the Sonar Treatment

In his 15 years of experience in body and psycho therapy, Stefan developed a holistic view on healing methods. He is a highly competent facilitator for healing processes of body, mind and soul.

Key experiences in his own transformation process led him to a deeper understanding of the connection between muscle tensions and breathing habits.


Medi Becker

Body Work and Trainer for the Art of Creation

Medi supports a variety of people to acknowledge their true inner selves and to live up to their full potential. She facilitates the Sonar Treatment Teacher Training.

Her various background experiences (f.e. Kahuna Body Work) especially enable her to teach and train the Art of Creation. Learn more about the Art of Creation – now!


Andreas Gasser

Teacher of Switzerland

Andreas loves resource – and solution oriented work. His main focus lies on a healthy way of living. Due to his life experiences and education, he is now able to accompany people on their way to a fulfilled and satisfied life.

From face to face – from human being to human being – open and sensitive – highly professional and sensible.

Medi and Stefan live up to her teachings: Their children learn to accept and show themselves with all their facets in a sensible and honest way. In school and society’s habit of coolness, show-off and performance-based marks this remains one of the key competences to stay true to yourself.


Doing what we do

We do still live in a profit oriented global system. A system which is neither supportive nor encouraging to live up to our full inner potentials and to live coercively with each other and with mother nature. 

We are ‚good citizens‘ as we let ourselves be distracted from our inner needs. We shop without second thought, neglect our ability to influence society and abuse medication – with that we are neglecting all stop signs our bodies give us.

We seem to live a secure life – dependent on doctors who only repair us instead of healing us, insurance agents who compensate our fears, politicians who love to decide for us, global company managers who invented a whole system of modern slavery (temporary work, minimal wages, free-lance system, sell-out of whole countries). Often, we even provide them with our full life energy – and we often do it completely unconsciously.

This whole system is based on an illusion of deficiency, shortage and limitation. With that illusion we are supposed to be convinced that f.e. nuclear power stations are reliable energy solutions, that rain forest clearings are necessary damages, that inhuman living conditions and simultaneous global economical stimulations are attendant circumstances of our way of life. 

But do you really trust this system any longer? – We don’t!

With our level of knowledge and our experiences we now strongly believe that we do live on a planet that supplies us with everything we need – sufficiently and full of abundance. Not only us human beings – every living creature.

It is important that we start to understand that we all – consciously and unconsciously – have supported the old system of illusion. Even the smallest family systems often reflect this bigger social system. We need to understand that we grew up in this system, and that we got used to it. We got used to a system that constantly makes us sick.
We need to find solutions for our society’s problems – and our technologies already offer so many solutions for our environmental problems. We simply have to take the chance!
We need to wake up. Now!

With the Sonar Treatment, it is our goal to change the old destructive system, to leave the old structures behind and to transform them into a healthier way of being and living.

Through the Freeing of the Natural Breath and the Activation of the Power of Creation in every single human being, we can increase the possibility to live a life full of abundance on this planet. Resource-oriented, in balance of both male and female powers and in harmony with fellow human beings and with nature.
We persistently work for a value change on this planet. We work for a focus on personal development and on the healing of all human beings on this planet. We work for an awakening – for a spreading understanding and willingness to heal.
Are you willing to live up to your full inner potential? Are you willing to commit yourself to your own healing process and to the healing process of our planet?

Get involved – change the world! 

We wish for a human society, full of authentic, open, healthy, vivid, loving, caring and soulful human beings.
A human society in which women and men can fully live up to both their female and male sides – acknowledging and honoring their polarity.

It is our birth right to live a happy and abundant life.stedi

Medi & Stefan Becker