In the spotlight: Mankind!

Are you happy? Breath is not like breath.
In western society you often become used to a flat breathing habit.
This disables your body to acquire vital energy resources. It causes stress and body tensions.
You constantly put on your inner brakes.
On the other hand, your Natural Breath increases your quality of life immediately and in many areas.


Busy Busy – Business

Are you busy? Experience your Natural Breath – Experience its benefits!
• Increase your performance – Take in more oxygen!
• Increase your concentration and creativity!
• Increase your self awareness – Reduce risks of accident and loss!
• Release tensions and old pain – Actively and joyful!


Healing and social work

Are you a healer? The Sonar Treatment intensifies other healing methods. Freeing the Natural Breath is the very basis for most healing treatments and therapies. It immediately takes noticeable effect in your daily trainers work. It also helps you to relax into a decent responsibility for your clients. To free your natural breath increases your sensitivity, your body presence and your affectionate boundaries within your work.



Are you a teacher? Then you will profit twice from the Sonar Treatment:
For yourself and for your work. Once you are familiar with the basic instruments, you can easily adapt them to your class. For example, it is very relaxing to start a new school day with ‚de-stressing and Natural Breathing‘. It does not only lift up the energy of every school day, it also improves the social empathy of your students.

Relax now!


Actors and Singers

Are you an actor or a singer? The Sonar Treatment and the Natural Breathing offer a pro in performance:
• Fully opened breathing spaces
• Increased concentration and body presence
• Immediate release of stress and tensions
• Quick processing of emotional patterns

More freedom and joy – now!


Sports and Athletes

Are you an athlete or do you just simply love sports? You will profoundly profit from the Natural Breathing:
• Better performance through more oxygen intake
• Increased concentration
• Decreased danger of accidents through increased self-awareness
• Active release of tensions and pain

Vitalize now!


Horse Riding

Do you love horse riding? Riders often experience an immediate change of behavior with their horses when they practice Natural Breathing. The simultaneous improvement of body presence, freedom, joy and relaxation is mirrored by your horse. As the animal can be seen as a mirror of your self, the Sonar Treatment can be a helpful guide for the improvement of animal-person relationship and the performance in competitions.

Ride your horse with awareness and joy – now!



Are you a senior? Seniors profit from Natural Breathing in a very special way:
• Quick release of and freedom from ancient pain patterns
• Joy and energy for every day
• More strength for muscles, bones and organs
• Decreased danger of accidents through increased self-awareness
• Improvement of movement
• Joyfulness, vitality and energy

Enjoy your life – now!



Do you have children? At the latest when they are in school it can get obvious how much weight your children already have to carry on their shoulders. The good news: Your kids still have an active natural reflex and can activate it more easily than grown-ups can. They are still very responsive, so it is easy to relax their tensions. To learn how to breathe deep, how to take space for themselves and how to take time to process their feelings – all together this can be a very stable basis for the life of your kids!

Let you children grow up with joy and freedom – now!