The Sonar treatment – A short introduction

A deep tension in your body never has its origin solely in the current situation. Often it is influenced not only by the present situation but also by a personal stress pattern, often created in your childhood and youth.

Very often, your present stress situation is only the ‚red button‘ that releases old patterns of tension and pain. Unconsciously, your body reacts with an autonomously programmed ‚inner‘ system on the current situation.

So, the body reacts with a very old program to a very new situation.Therefore, the stress you experience is by 50% selfmade:

You do face new challenges with ancient conditionings. Often you carry on with old expectations – although they might not serve you anymore.

The basic foundation of such a stress pattern is already built in your earliest childhood: from your birth to your 7th year. You are born into an achievement-oriented society in which you quickly learn how to behave and how to be a good citizen. You learn that you are ‚good‘ if you accomplish something – you are not if you just relax and enjoy your life. One the one hand, particular parts of your brain are directly encouraged to develop – parts, for example, which contain rational thinking, a willingness to maximum performance and obedience. On the other hand, parts of your brain which contain intuition, self reflection, creativity and relaxation often suffer neglect.

Hence, people are often raised lacking a natural sense for the body’s needs. You feel disconnected from your deepest longings. You are made believe that you are not okay the way you are if you haven’t met certain goals.

This feeling can keep you permanently – and often unconsciously – in a strong consistent tension.

The Sonar Treatment offers you a profound solution:
In freeing your natural breath, this treatment helps to spot underlying stress patterns and to release deep body tensions. Your organic reflexes get re-activated – your body can begin to heal your self.


The Sonar Trainer

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