Lectures – Presentations – Treatments

„We can assume that about 50% of our life energy resources do unconsciously work against us – as they manifest in old protection patterns, strong tensions and a body armor. This is bad news.
But the good news are: you cannot put in words the new life feeling that you can experience when you start to free and release those 50% of old stress patterns consciously, self- responsible and sustainable.“

These and your personal questions will be answered in our lectures and presentations:

• Why so many symptoms – e.g. headaches, backaches, restless legs, COPD, arthrosis, sciatica, wrong body positions – get caused by strong muscle – tensions.

• How strong muscle tensions can be released through new breathing patterns.

• Why the body is ready at the spot to release old tensions and patterns.

• How a deep feeling of relief and space can establish within your body within – seconds.

• How negative stress can be released on the spot.