The Teacher Training Sonartreatment

The Sonar Treatment has been developed for over 10 years now. It offers a simultaneously easy and profound way to really TAKE IN and understand the connections between ‚illness‘ and health.

Through the Natural Breath and the visualization of muscle tensions, the client is involved in his own healing process. He starts to be self-responsible for his healing. By getting to know his body and his mind, he learns that he himself is able to affect and positively change not only his health but his whole life.

Additionally, the client can experience that he does not have to suffer any longer from any symptom of illness.

He is able to grow beyond his pain and to breathe freely.
In this, the breath can be seen as the friendly all-knowing mind, which some of us might call ‚god‘,‚loving energy of life‘, or just simply ‚love‘. We are surrounded and supported by life’s love all the time. Breathing is essential to be alive and our breath is the essence of life.
We still underestimate the power of our Natural Breath. It is high time that we become aware of its power and honor our breath as the source of our life and our well-being.

The Sonar Treatment intensifies the efficiency of many healing methods. With the freeing of the Natural Breath the treatment is the very basis of other therapies. As a healer you can easily combine it to your standard healing processes. Also for yourself, the Sonar Treatment helps you to ease your body and mind. It enables you to let go of a too highly valued responsibility for your clients. Let go and let the breath do the work.

Another huge impact of the Sonar Treatment is its approved prevention of burn-out. In our society today, this fact must not be underestimated.

Contents of the Teacher Training for the Sonar Treatment – in Theory and Practice:
– Principles of the Sonar Treatment
– Learning about the Sonar-Matrix
– Learning about natural and conditioned reflexes
– Understanding the waves of breath
– Understanding the time and imprinting of habits and the transformation of patterns
– The natural and sensitive transformation process of body, mind and soul within the 10 steps
– The work on all muscle spots to ease the armor of the body
– Stimulation of the breath to increase its potential
– Learning about core spots within the body
– Easing main blockages
– Learning different breathing meditations
– Conscious expression of the self
– Emotional assistance in the process with a client

Everyone can take part in the training! You are welcome to experience the 10 steps solely for yourself and enjoy the lightness and openness in your own life! You are also welcome to continue working with clients after – but you don’t have to.

The certification to be a Sonar Trainer is given after a period of practice (not included in training schedule) in which you accompany 3 clients in their processes. These processes have to be documented and will be overlooked. Finally, the final test is taken to certify your abilities and skills as Sonar Trainer. All processes and the test will be supervisioned by us in a friendly way.




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The Art of Creation

Work with the client. On the level of soul and mind the Art of Creation is a powerful tool to go along with the Sonar Treatment. Learn more about the Art of Creation – now.


The Sonar Sticks

The Sonar Sticks were especially invented and designed for the Sonar Treatment. They simplify the treatment and the care taking of bones and joints.

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